About Thespians

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies." The International Thespian Society (ITS) is a drama organization for high-school theatre students. It is a division of the Educational Theatre Association.

Hayfield Secondary has both a High School Thespian troupe and a Middle School Junior Thespian troupe. 

Eligibility Requirements: Students gain points from both performing in shows, working tech, and other miscellaneous activities. Both HS and MS students must obtain a total of 10 Thespian points/Jr. Thespian points to become eligible for membership. 

Thespian Application

*Jr. Thespian points will not count towards HS Thespian membership*

Middle School Jr. Thespian Officers, 2018-19:


Vice President: 


High School Thespian Officers, 2018-19:

President:  Brynn Spradlin
Vice President:  Kathryn Shepherd
Secretary:  Brooke Smith
Treasurer:  Samantha Haughton
Historian:  Claire Hackney