2018 - 2019 Season

47th annual courtyard show

 October 20                  5PM                       Middle School (7-8)

This 47 -year-old tradition began with former Hayfield theatre teacher, Rebecca S. Wilburn.  Completely student devised, this show is comprised of comic scenes and songs based on a common theme.  


american idiot

November 1-10  7PM

American Idiot, expanded from that of the concept album by Green Day, centers on three disaffected young men, Johnny, Will and Tunny. Johnny and Tunny flee a stifling suburban lifestyle and parental restrictions, while Will stays home to work out his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend, Heather. The former pair look for meaning in life and try out the freedom and excitement of the city. Tunny quickly gives up on life in the city, joins the military and is shipped off to war. Johnny turns to drugs and finds a part of himself that he grows to dislike, has a relationship and experiences lost love.

american idiot.jpeg


 January 17-19



The play features the characters of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, who meet at a bar called the Lapin Agile (French: "Nimble Rabbit") in Montmartre, Paris. It is set on October 8, 1904, and both men are on the verge of disclosing amazing ideas (Einstein will publish his special theory of relativity in 1905 and Picasso will paint Les Demoiselles d'Avignon in 1907). At the Lapin Agile, they have a lengthy debate about the value of genius and talent, while interacting with a host of other characters.


January 26  


The show was based on the second act of episode #457 of This American Life, titled "What I did for love" and reported by Robbie Brown, in which a high school student falls in love with an undercover police officer, and is ultimately arrested for selling drugs to the officer in an attempt to impress her.


middle school one act tba

February 7-8 

at 7:00 pm

Middle School (7-8)

Our Middle School Dramahawks will be performing Orange is the New Glass and 15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play!

Orange is the New Glass is set a fairy-tale kingdom obsessed with pop culture and social media, fairy godmothers are lawyers and the Three Little Pig-arazzi chase celebrities. But when Cinderella leaves her self-absorbed prince and winds up in jail with an unlikely girl squad, she doesn't just cause a sensation--she starts a revolution. A warmhearted comedy full of clever characters.

15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play is a play about not being in a play, ironically expressed through a hilarious series of monologues, duets, and ensemble scenes. From early traumas involving a glory-seeking elementary school teacher to possible disturbances in the global climate, 15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play keeps the audience guessing just what scenario will be next. 


 May 2-11                      All Grades  (7-12)

Newsies The Musical is a musical based on the 1992 film Newsies, which in turn was inspired by the real-life Newsboys Strike of 1899 in New York City. The show has music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman, and a book by Harvey Fierstein. 

newsies jpg.jpg

Mamma MiA!

Summer 2019

Mamma Mia! is is a jukebox musical written by British playwright Catherine Johnson, based on the songs of ABBA composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, former members of the band. The title of the musical is taken from the group's 1975 chart-topper "Mamma Mia".