Dramahawk Booster Meeting Minutes

Latest Meeting: September 12, 2019

Next Meeting: October 10, 2019

Drama Boosters Officers for the 2019-20 School year:

President/Membership Coordinator: Toni Freeland

Vice President/ Fundraiser/Restaurant night Coordinator: Jill Rasmussen

Treasurer/House Manager: Kathy Sinniger

Publicity/Marketing Coordinators: Amor Rockhill and Karen Patrick

Volunteer Coordinator: Jodie Dajc

Concessions Coordinator: Heather Bennett

Tech Meals Coordinators: Lori DiGlosia (HS Lead), Toni Freeland (MS Lead), Nam and Amor Rockhill

PTA Liason: Karen Patrick

Costume Coordinator: Elise Higar

Thespian Banquet Coordinator: Katrina Ksander

Cappies Coordinators: Katrina Ksander, Karen Patrick, and Jill Rasmussen

Thespian Officers for the 2019-2020 School Year

President: Brynn Spradlin

Vice President: Corbin Farrell

Treasurer: Max von Kolnitz

Secretary: Abby Heffner

Historian: Elle Rasmussen 

Jesus Christ Superstar (JCSS): 

SHOW DATES: Opens on Thursday November 7th -Show runs from November 7th-9th and 14th-16th -Six shows total, all 7pm shows -Strike will be the evening right after the last performance -CAPPIES SHOW will be that last performance = November 16th. 

-Expect 50-80 student critics -Need to determine what they will be fed. 

TECH MEALS: Only need Tech Meals for Wednesday November 6th -Cost will be $10 per kid, participation is not mandatory -There are 38 kids in the cast, total of 80 kids when including the pit and the show techs -Kathy Sinniger will set up online pay once closer to the show. She just needs to know what the meal will be or at least what type of food will be served. 

HOMECOMING PARADE: -Cast will march in the Hayfield Homecoming parade on 11 Oct 

-Cast Cookout will be immediately after -Kirsten Collison is asking Brian Collison if he will volunteer to bring grill and be the lead grill master for the cookout – she will get back to Dr. Mitchell -Toni Freeland will put out a request of the Drama Boosters Remind in a few weeks for the donations request for the cookout (likely chips, drinks, desserts, mixed bags of candy to be thrown during the parade) 

MISC: -Rehearsals are going well -Rehearsal will be M/W 3-4:30 & TH 3-6 for the remainder of September -Rehearsal will extend until 5pm on M/W in October and continue to run from 3-6 on Th 

-HALLOWEEN IS THE EXCEPTION – Rehearsal will end at 4:30 on Halloween -Rehearsal times for the teacher workdays (Nov 4/5) is 12-5pm = No food will be served during these rehearsals -We CANNOT Legally record JCSS 

-Not sure what the volunteer need will be for JCSS yet because there is a new ticket vendor being announced (will be announced at board meeting 12 Sept). Will know more at Oct Drama Boosters Meeting 

Middle School Courtyard Show: 

-SHOW DATE: October 18th 5pm (1-1 1⁄2 hour show) -Tickets will be $5 at the door – CASH ONLY for this show -Rehearsals going well so far -Rehearsal M/W/TH 3-4:30pm -Ms. Sniegowski is trying to ramp up publicity for this show – posters will be available for anyone who wants to help put them up around the community 

Improv Team: 

HS: -Team Co-Captains: Brynn Spradlin & Rachel Sinniger -Friendly Competition at West Potomac HS on 27 September @7pm -Practice is during the SOAR period with a short after school practice after school when necessary -Hayfield is hosting an improv competition on 13 December 

Full Competition Schedule: 9/27: @West Potomac HS 10/25 @Mount Vernon HS 12/13 @Hayfield Secondary 2/14 @Oakton HS 3/20 @Edison HS 4/17 @South County 

MS: -Starting up a team -Competition on 1 Nov. -MS Requires a parent to drive the team to the competition 

New York City Drama Trip: 

-Dates: 3-4 December (Tuesday/Wednesday) -86 people going to include the two bus drivers -16 Chaperones -Leaving early am, get back 10:30pm next day 

Summer Show: Shrek 

-School gets out on 12 June (day after Dr. Mitchell’s birthday!) -Following week will be a week of tech building on stage (15-19 June) time TBD -Then everyone is off through the 4th of July -Rehearsal will start 6 July -Rehearsals will be held on both 11&18 July (Saturday’s) -There will be a total of six performances -Leaning towards opening on Friday the 24th and having a matinee and evening show on the 25th -Strike will be after the second Saturday show (Aug 1st) 

Thespian Honor Society: (High School Only) 

-Next Meeting is 24 September -They are kicking off new publicity scheme/new incentive program: reward kids for going out in advance to put up posters or tag on social media may get a shout out or free candy at a show etc. More details to follow 


-This year tickets will be $10 in advance $12 at the door for all shows with the exception of the Courtyard Show (see ticket price in courtyard section above) -If anyone is available to record the shows we are permitted to record - they can use fancy camera drama department owns. Please let Dr. Mitchell know. 

*Next meeting 2nd Thursday of October, 10 October